organic products grown in a sustainable habitat


Natural Habitats is a group fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fairly traded products.

Through a vertically integrated supply chain we produce, collect, process and trade organic, fair-trade and sustainable palm oil. We only use organic and sustainable production practices, which allows us to ensure a sustainable and reliable supply chain From Farmer to Fork.


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  • Traceability: Way to Sustainability

    Over the last decades, food Safety has been a growing concern among people. Presence of pesticides or other chemicals in feed and food, can threaten its quality and safety. Organic standards and certifications guarantee that crops are grown without the use of any type of pesticides, GMOs or synthetic fertilizers, and at the same time ensure farmers implement production practices that protect the environment, and their workers

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  • The Differences Between Sustainability and Environmentalism

    In this post, the main concepts of sustainability and environmentalism will be discussed as these terms are usually confused and substituted for each other. Undoubtedly, there is a connection between these terms but sustainability touches on more than just the environment. Finally, it will focus on providing with practical examples courtesy of Natural Habitats to clarify the difference.

    Environmentalism consists of a social movement regarding environment conservation and preservation that strives to persuade or induce the political acceptance process by lobbying, activism as well as education for protecting natural resources and eco-systems

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  • Forest Conservation - Our Core Value

    Production of sustainable palm oil is an integral part of our business core values. Environment conservation and preservation is equally important for a sustainable business as the economic and social well being of its stakeholders. It aims to control pollution and protect biodiversity by focusing on balancing the various systems by becoming more earth friendly.

    Environmental protection and preservation are terms usually confused as they are generally substituted for each other

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