organic products grown in a sustainable habitat


Sustainable farming balance economics, environment and social responsibility.

In more detail this means:
1. Sustainable Crop Production
2. Ecosystem Management and Protection
3. Resource Conservation and Energy Efficiency
4. Integrated Waste Management
5. Fair Labor Practices (minimum wage, pay taxes)
6. Community Benefits (social projects)
7. Product Quality
8. Product Safety and Purity

Natural Habitats Group goes one step further; we see sustainability as the combination of organic and fair trade. Sustainability to us means a focus on the long term and this can only be achieved by doing business in harmony with the environment (i.e. organic farming) and build honest and fair relationships with business partners (i.e. fair trade). Business wise, sustainability means the company is profitable now and for the years to come.

We allocate 1 % of our sales each year to social and environmental stewardship programs.